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Walk for Goodness' Sake a Success!

Today the students at St. Aloysius School completed their 4-mile walk-a-thon (rescheduled from last Friday due to the risk of inclement weather). The goal of the event was to raise $20,000 to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and our students raised $30,000 in pledges instead! What an amazing event! Special thanks too Eric Breunig and Julie Wuerger from the St. Aloysius Home & School Association for their leadership and coordination of this super successful event! Great job, kids!

2nd grade classmates and friends, Scarlet Sauter, Reegan Ederer and Adalynn Kasper (all grade 2) enjoy the walk-a-thon hand in hand.

Walkers Madden Dischler (1) and Gabe Ledesma (1) "round the bend " by the water station supervised by Julie Wuerger.

Walkers Cici Krejchik (2), Reagan Hruby (2) and Gena Krejchik (3) pose with teacher Mrs. Amanda Krejchik and her newborn.

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