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Our school is always looking to stay ahead of the curve technologically to ensure our students are getting the needed equipment to continue their learning.

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Our Events

The Home and School Board hosts many activities throughout the school year to bring our school community closer and celebrate our faith. Due to COVID-19, these events are on hold for now. We will update this page with more details if we are able to accommodate these events in a different way.

Volunteer Sign Up

We are blessed to be able to provide so many wonderful opportunities to our students through the support of our volunteers. We greatly appreciate all of the time/materials so graciously provided by our families. Please note our volunteer requirements if you are new to St. Al and would like to sign up to help with school events.

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Meetings & Minutes

The Home and School Association meetings are open to all members. If you wish to speak or discuss specific topics or information, please notify the president one week prior to the meeting in order to be put on the agenda.