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Principal's Welcome

Come and let us embrace together the challenge of providing for all our students a place where they can blossom, a place where learning about God and his Creation is the center of everything.


Over the past 160 years, St. Aloysius has continually worked to provide the best quality education for its students. As times are changing faster than ever before, we recognize that improvement is not enough. The uncertain future impels us to continually find ways to equip students with skills and knowledge that will prepare them to be successful in careers that do not even exist yet.


We understand that we can build the best future for all our students by being proactive about the necessary adaptive changes.


Teachers, as part of a meaningful learning community of collaboration, commit to enhancing the education of each one of the students according to their needs and learning styles.

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Administrators, by supporting the teachers' efforts, become real facilitators of learning, constantly searching for ways to assist everyone in their particular tasks.


Parents, by being active learners, develop positive attitudes towards new research-based strategies for instruction.


Students, guided by their natural curiosity and love for learning, open their spirits to all knowledge of God and of this world to develop their talents to their full potential.


Let us all continue sharing the vision that an integral formation in high academic standards and well-rooted faith values not only contribute to making this world a better place but also and most importantly, helps every individual to find real happiness in this life and in the next.

Five Pillars of St. Aloysius

Meet Our School Family

Meet Our Teachers

"I love spending time outdoors, especially hiking the Wisconsin State Parks, and spending time with my husband and two teenage children in our little log cabin in the woods near Spring Green."

"There are so many activities that bring me joy! I especially love to be outdoors with my family. We love to fish, four wheel, and enjoy the beauty of nature. I also love to cook, which I noticed is a common interest at St. Aloysius School!"  

"Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  My family and I attend Mass where we are nourished by the Word and the Eucharist, then we enjoy a meal together where we solve the problems of the world, banter and tease one another. I thank God for my crazy, busy and happy life!"


"I enjoy dabbling in a lot of things! If I’m not singing, at the horse barn, or working on our latest house project, you may find me splashing in the creek with my boys, stargazing, or practicing

hand lettering!"


"I really enjoy cooking and baking (can you tell I have a sweet tooth?) and I can’t wait to try new recipes!  I also love to read and always have

a book in mind that I want to

read next."


"The best part of my week is when I spend Mondays with my brother priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.  I really enjoy playing soccer with them, but also like biking, swimming, hiking, and jogging."


"I am an avid reader and always have a book near me.  I enjoy cooking, gardening, and spending time with my family.  We love being outside: fishing, hiking, and practicing archery together."


"I love running, hiking, biking, and walking in beautiful WI, and having a good and relaxing time watching classic movies. What I enjoy the most is spending time with my friends and relatives, learning about the faith, and working at St. Al’s."

Heather Kuhnau

School Secretary

"I am an avid gardener and cook, and I simply enjoy all things homemaking in general! I was raised on a dairy farm, so I also love working with animals
and taking in the beauty of

God's creation."


"I love to spend time in the warm sunshine! I also enjoy reading and baking with my kids."


"When I’m not at St. Aloysius or nannying, I like to read, write stories (which I’ve been doing since I was 13) and draw people from my stories. I also enjoy studying the faith

and I find Apologetics

particularly interesting."

Teacher Aide

Coming soon!


"I love attacking a new art project or arts & crafts activity. A more relaxed hobby is roasting pudgy pies and s’mores over an evening campfire with my husband and 6 kids. And I love food and trying new recipes!"

Jesús Galvez

Computer Science & Phy. Ed. Teacher

"I enjoy spending time outdoors, jogging, hiking, open sea swimming and doing sports in general. At home I like cooking, learning new things, sci-fi and fantasy movies."

Nick Ringlesetter

Physical Education Teacher

"I love everything about the outdoors! Even though I don’t hunt, I enjoy shooting and archery, and have been an avid downhill skier for 65 years!"

Sue Prentiss

School Cook

"It’s relaxing for me to play around in my garden. I also have a great time doing arts and crafts with my grandchildren when I’m babysitting."

Dave Helt


"I like spending time with my four kids and two grandchildren playing “young kid games” is a lot of fun!"

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Mayra Torres

General Aide

"I love walking in nature and being of help to whoever needs me. I love children, I love to play with them and I have a lot of patience! Above all, I love God and my family."

Father Miguel

"I love teaching the Faith as part of my ministry and Computer Science as my personal hobby. Teaching the children the logic of coding as a means to improve their reasoning and problem-solving skills gives me great satisfaction."

Father Christian

"I was born in Chile, educated in Spain and ordained as a priest in the USA. I love reading about theology and history as well as playing soccer; but above all, I love teaching religion."

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