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Science Fair Wonders

Updated: May 10, 2022

St. Aloysius held its annual Science Fair on Mary 4th. This was an opportunity for all 4th & 5th graders (and enthusiastic volunteers from 2nd & 3rd grades) to apply and share the lessons they learned in Science this year.

Andres Ledesma (5) demonstrates his electric potatoes

Kayla Ederer and Fatima Gonzalez (5) make lava lamps

Sam Ederer and Matthew Heiney (4) explore homopolar motors

Clara Galvez and Laura Kruchten (5) show how to make balloons self-inflate

Lauden Pettis (3) talks about how to make homemade ice cream

Rhylan Muller (4) makes "elephant toothpaste."

Gena Krejchik (3) shows off her levitating balloon.

Ethan Kruchten (not in photo) and Calvin Breunig (5) explain why some pop cans float and others don't.

Meg Brickl (not in photo) and Savannah Ziegler show Principal Miss Daniela how to make glow-in-the-dark slime!

Vos Betley and Connor Kendall (5) educate students about how to stop germs from spreading.

Evan Cunningham and Emmanuel Alvarado (4) demonstrate how energy is transferred through sound.

Lucy Sauter (4) shows custodian Dave Helt how to make "magic milk."

Bernadette Rossing (2) explains how plants grow.

Stella Wuerger and Siena Muller (2) share their soda cakes.

Cousins Vincent (not in photo) and Gabe Krejchik (5), explain to Fr. Cristian about how geysers work.

Ben Moss (5) describes the complexity of engineering a roller coaster.

Brynn Dischler (not in photo) and Cloudia Haselwander (4) show how and why crystals can take in color and grow.

Our beloved 3rd Grade Teacher, Ms. Andra Urra (coordinator of the event) welcomes visitors and congratulates students on their accomplishments.

Ms. Andrea finally has the opportunity to relax after the Science Fair is over :-)

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