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Special Interest Day Fun!

Students at St. Al's participated in Special Interest Day last Friday, May 13th! This is an annual event where students learn new and different skills from teachers, parents and volunteers. Here's a few of the special classes the students experienced:

Logan Ederer (3), Jack Brickl (1) and Madden Dischler (1) learned how to tie-dye t-shirts from parent Lindsey Dent.

Stella Wuerger (front) and Rosie Moss (back) paint wooden signs during "Crafts with Nicole."

Emma Rogers (3) laughs as she tries an edible face mask in parent Leah Ederer's "Spa Day" class.

Gabe Ledesma (1) eyes up a yummy cake as he learns about "all things chocolate" from 3rd grade teacher Ms. Andrea.

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