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Principal's Welcome


Come and let us embrace together the challenge of providing for all our students a place where they can blossom, a place where learning about God and his Creation is the center of everything.


Over the past 160 years, St. Aloysius has continually worked to provide the best quality education for its students. As times are changing faster than ever before, we recognize that improvement is not enough. The uncertain future impels us to continually find ways to equip students with skills and knowledge that will prepare them to be successful in careers that do not even exist yet.


We understand that we can build the best future for all our students by being proactive about the necessary adaptive changes.


Teachers, as part of a meaningful learning community of collaboration, commit to enhance the education of each one of the students according to their needs and learning styles.


Administrators, by supporting the teachers' efforts, become real facilitators of learning, constantly searching for ways to assist everyone in their particular tasks.


Parents, by being active learners, develop positive attitudes towards new research-based strategies for instruction.


Students, guided by their natural curiosity and love for learning, open their spirits to all knowledge of God and of this world to develop their talents in their full potential.


Let us all continue sharing the vision that an integral formation in high academic standards and well-rooted faith values not only contribute to make this world a better place but also and most importantly, helps every individual to find the real Happiness in this life and in the next.


D. Saldana, Principal

Five Pillars of St. Aloysius


Throughout our school day, faith is continually at work. It provides a solid foundation for all of our academic and social activities. Our teachers create an environment where students learn and practice self-respect, modesty, respect for others, and morality as a part of their everyday life.

Meet Our Teachers

Kristi Magnuson

Pre-Kindergarten and Music

Kendra Breunig

2nd Grade

Silvanna Navarro


Andrea Urra

3rd Grade

Angie Wardrop

1st Grade

Dennis Gre

4th Grade

Dani Hruby

5th Grade

Meet Our Teachers
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