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St. Aloysius Will Re-open In-person Instruction This Fall

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

St. Aloysius is planning to welcome students and teachers back to their regular classrooms this Fall for in-person instruction five days a week as scheduled.

Additionally, we are working on implementing a program for grades 3rd - 5th that will enable us to teach on-site and off-site students simultaneously during class time.

Below you will find Bishop Hying letter explaining the plan to open all Catholic schools in the Diocese this Fall.


Dear Friends and Faithful who promote, attend, support and labor in our Catholic Schools,

As summer begins, we thank all of you for the extraordinary work and care you have given to educate our children during this global pandemic. Teachers, parents and students showed heroic effort, patience, and sacrifice as we worked together to keep teaching and learning despite orders to close schools. We know it has not been easy for anyone to assume this sudden and unexpected task. You have done a tremendous job! We hope that you experienced the true blessing of your family and the time you have had to spend together. This time was a true gift from God, even though it came in an unusual and unexpected way.

As we work with our schools to plan for the Fall, we know that there is a lot of information about what should or should not, be done. This includes guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, as well as opinions on social media and the Internet.

Rest assured that all of our Catholic schools are planning to welcome students and teachers back to their regular classrooms this Fall for in-person instruction five days a week as scheduled.

Our school principals have met weekly since March. Principals will meet throughout the summer as we consult local health officials to develop plans and protocols to reopen and operate each school safely and in a way that will allow us to provide the excellent faith formation and academic preparation that students deserve and on which parents depend.

Our 44 schools are located in ten counties and over 30 municipalities. Each school faces different circumstances and serves a unique community. This may result in each school having plans and protocols that may look different from one another and from other schools in your area. All plans and protocols however, will be based on the guidelines that have been released by the CDC and the state, as well as on the advice of local health officials and adapted for the unique situation of your Catholic school to best provide for the safety, education and formation of your child(ren).

As we continue navigating these uncertain times, we pray that the Lord guides and protect your family. Thank you again for entrusting your children to our care and for choosing Catholic schools. Look forward to serving you and your children this coming Fall.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Bishop Donald Hying

Fall Plan for Catholic Schools Letter
Download PD • 125KB

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